Trans-border Grizzly Bear Project
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- Mortality
- Fragmentation
- Habitat Security
- Education
- Monitoring
Current Status



We have been working toward our goals for 6 years (started in 2004) and are in a position to monitor the success (or failure) of the management actions we have initiated or will implement in the future. We currently track annual mortality rates in both of these ecosystems, and can report a drop in the reported human-causes mortality due to human conflict in our area of concern. We are also able to identify a portion of the animals that move between areas across fragmentation lines. We are using DNA fingerprints to identify animals that have moved from their area of birth to a new area. We can also use parentage analysis to detect offspring of bears that have moved to new areas. This is exciting new territory in conservation science to be able to monitor the solutions we are trying to implement through genetic sampling, because it means we don’t have to live capture bears, we can get genetic samples by remote sampling. We are in the process of writing a report/publication detailing these monitoring techniques and the monitoring results we have to date.

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